Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pakai Buang..

cintaku bukannya jenis pakai buang..
biarlah lebih dari sehari..



Hello.. kembali bersiaran..

motif tetiber jer nyanyi lagu stacy.,.


* bodus..!

so, yah.. as stating day.

wake up at 9.30 a.m

then have myself bath and not b'fast.

rushing to work.

the RED indicator on the PUNCH card machines..


lewat lagilah aku ni..

then, terkejut early in the mornink.

surprisewd by boss to accompany one of the technicians to send 6 units of emachines to SJKC Kong HWa kaki bukit.

then we manage to go there by Company car.

then , make the installation there then back at 2.00 pm

then soo tired lah..

mayb because of the weather too hot lah.!

then im not rest and as the excahnged i punch my card back home at 6.p.m

** yuhu.. bahagianya balik awal..

as reached home, anisa was rushing out and seek me.


chubby child/

then, masuk dalam umah.

perut lapar..

keluar jap ke kedai CIk Anum di Taman Bukit Kayangan yang baru.

hajat di hati nak makan laksa..

unfortunately , tak start buiat lagi.

then have myself the Keropok2 and the candy one lah.

then, duunow what to do so?



nobodys outside .

then out again.

oh ya. amer has returned the borrowed money ammounted RM 500..

then, masuk bilik. on9..

at 8.00 mandi and have dinner.

out again..

taking cold air outside.

called for Pak teh and nazrin.

Not at home.

then back again.. on9 again..


then stopped while. Nasrizal called out.

asking for my copier of SPM certificates.

to hsi daddy.

brings that and back home again.

merapu2 ngan arip dalam FB!

chat merapu meravban.

**biasalah.. horny tetiber

then. have this entry..

k lah.


need to figure out in cafe world..

*** this borrowed modem sucks! always disconnected.. D-Link 520B. thinking of trying TP link tomorrow.!


Anonymous said...

errmmmm....ko krja mna???? tnya ni sbab mcm prnah dgar org nma ah fu....
slalu supply barang kat tasoh lake resort kn????
BTW....can u please improve your vocabulary.....aku tegur ja...aku suka baca bloq ko...but.. u always made vocabulary,grammar n typing mistakes....
please....jangan marah....tegur demi kebaikan.....aku pn x la terer sgat english....cma aku tgok ko mcm translate dari bm ke bi....

zsidentity said...

To anonymous..

referring to your recent comment i know that i've made some common mistakes such like typing error , vocabulary and etc. just using such simple english, yeah like you said im just translating from bm to bi without correct arrangement. Have to admit it that im still in the process of learning english since it was not my major languages . BTW , thanks for the cheers up comment. Nice to have feed back from you.

In add. im not supplying things to Tasoh lake. Just an ordinary computer technicians at Compuland.