Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The truths although it was bitter.

hello we meet again..

what time is it?

OMG! oready 2 a.m

okayh2.. lets just wrote here..

so, today was a stressful moments..

still keep haunted me the older feeling...

i hope that it will dissapear as soon as possible..

Dear GOD, help me..


so, as starting. im going to work at 11 a.m.

Why is it so late.?

well, saja ja..

trying to bee in noon shift..

furthermore.. ** ehem2 double meaning..

therefore im not paid for doing an ot.. why do i keep with the old schedule ryte.

so, as reached today,, had to handle another big case.

THE MISSING OF SIDE COVER one of the customer.

Not found until now..

weird.. but ntahlah..

i dont know how to solve this matter..

then , take over by other staff..

but , still the least responsible value still in my humanity..

so, im going back like usual..

at 8 p.m..(keep wondering why the time running slowly today as im going onto noon shift)

ut , b4 back..
got text from Nazrin..

asking me out just for hangout and have drink at BAtu 2 char Koew teow..

then., im rushing back..

realxing my burden body and mind then fall asleep fro a while..

ya.. a dizzyness in my head lately..

then , im going to bath then have dinner first..

at . 9.30 p.m.

out to nazrin house.. 25 metre away from my house.

accept his offer..

then we'll amer , pa'teh ., nazrin and me proceed to Char Koey teow batu 2..

then after we'll have seat..

got reached by shafiq..


a coincidense..

we'll meet there and im impressed to seen him with his girlfriend..


Gotcha! kan dah kantoi..

but i understand,, youre 26. then have a girlfriend a normal.

keep wondering, why does his girlfriends acting like strangers..

yeah. the way she didnt treat me..

i dont bgging for it but please have a little smile as i was ur BOYFRIEND members..

ah.. aftere shaking hands with him.. let him rowing his boat and so do i.

yeah , me with members.. him with his mem..

oh ..

looks so suits and friendly..

then me have my huge own conversation by leaving them..

** haha.. why do i have to bother about themm elaobrating them long in this entry..

nop lah.. since shafiq was my new friend i didnt know him well..

last suday pon have a lunch at his house..

that all..

ok.. back again.. me have a big takls with ma frewn..

abaout V3 film lah.. bla2..

until 11.00 pm.

im back home then me updating my FB.

my Cafe world..

then wishing by phone to Amer And shuhada a birthday wishes.

continues with cahtting with shuhada unti 1.30 a.m

much topic do we have on it..

and we've excahanged our links and we're being a follower..


then.. ha.. here i am..

wrinting this entry..

k lah..

need to works tomorrow..

bye and night..

** if i was a trouble by a company. i'd rather quit as it was the good way of choice do for everyones.

*** i wish the stupid insanity of my feelings would dissapeared away faster and sooner..

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