Friday, March 5, 2010

Burden & Stressful..

OMG!! i hate this..

napa yerk..


im totally down ryte now..

burden in my head.. stressfull yaamat..

bencik.. semua ada..

Cam nak mampos jer rasa..

kenapa aku jadik sampai camni..

I hate my dad! I hate my mum..!


i noe im not gud enuff for you..

Aku jugak orang paling tidak berjaya dalam kalangan adik beradik aku yang lain..

What to be?

im not gud enuff for you..

and i hate this..

Just now u was said that im your reliable son but..

howcome now!

yeh im son of a bitch ryte now..

currently no mood to ryte on my Schedule today..

i need some rest and private moment..


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